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01 What is cancer?
02 Cancer symptoms and screening (how cancer is detected)
03 Causes of cancer
04 Can cancer be prevented?
05 Cancer Stages
(how long do patients live?)
06 Cancer treatment and therapy (how cancer is treated)
07 Types of doctors who treat cancer
08 Choosing a doctor (or getting a second opinion)
09 Preparing for Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
10 Cancer support (patient psychology and feelings)
11 Cancer suport - How friends can help
12 Is it important to do my own research? (or do I just follow doctor's orders)
13 Cancer information (research your treatment options)
14 Alternative and complementary treatments for cancer
15 Avoiding dubious treatments
16 How medical research is done (how to read medical research papers)
A About this site

About me and this site

Someone close to me was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer two years ago, and it sent my head spinning. All of a sudden we had to deal with a range of different doctors, each using medical jargon which I didn't understand. I had no idea what we were up against, and I went into an information gathering frenzy trying to understand cancer and its treatment options. Fortunately, I am a scientifically inclined person, so I was able to understand medical texts and research papers on cancer. That gave me a good scientific understanding of the disease and how doctors treat it.

I'm now sharing what I know here on this site, to help anyone who is facing the difficult road that cancer brings. Cancer is a frightening disease, and I found that it helps to understand the disease so that you understand what the doctors are saying. There is nothing worse than feeling helpless and disoriented in the face of one of life's biggest challenges.

I also came face-to-face with the human dimension of the disease: the fear, the confusion, the anger, and the psychological toll on patients and caregivers. Through this site, I also hope to share with you some of the emotional and psychological aspects of a cancer diagnosis. Being prepared helps.

I hope this site helps you in some way.

March 2008

PS. I'm still working on the site in my spare time. It's not complete yet, but I figured it's best to put in up first so that it can help anyone who is facing cancer. Please sign my guestbook if you found this site useful. Feel free to leave any questions too. I'll try to answer them the best I can.



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Medical information for cancer I am not a medical professional; please consult your doctor for a medical opinion. This is my attempt to explain cancer to anyone who is affected by it. If this site helps just one person, then it will have served its purpose.


 Cancer Links
Prominent research and treatment centers
Stanford Cancer Center
Memorial Sloan Kettering
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Kimmel Center at Johns Hopkins
Mayo Clinic
Information on Drugs
Drugs at FDA
NCI Drug Info
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Information
Sloan Kettering
(Integrative Medicine Service)
Medline Plus
American Cancer Society
PDR (Herbals and Supplements)
Complementary Medicine and Supplement Suppliers
Cuesta Agaricus Mushrooms
Agaricus Farm Mushrooms
Mitobi Mushrooms
Freshes Mushrooms [Bulk]
AllStarHealth [Maitake D-Fraction]
Maitake Products [D-Fraction]
LifeStream [BRM 360 capsules]
Himalaya Herbals [Ashwagandha]
Vita Green [Yun Zhi extract]
Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials (NIH)
Research Papers
National Center for Biotechnology Information
Google Scholar
New Drug Approvals / Drugs in the pipeline
FDA approvals
Helpful Books and Sites
Chemotherapy and radiation therapy survival guide
The biology of cancer
Patient Stories
Andrew Grove
Steve Dunn



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