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01 What is cancer?
02 Cancer symptoms and screening (how cancer is detected)
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08 Choosing a doctor (or getting a second opinion)
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10 Cancer support (patient psychology and feelings)
11 Cancer suport - How friends can help
12 Is it important to do my own research? (or do I just follow doctor's orders)
13 Cancer information (research your treatment options)
14 Alternative and complementary treatments for cancer
15 Avoiding dubious treatments
16 How medical research is done (how to read medical research papers)
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How friends can help / How to help a patient

If you have a friend who has cancer, you may want to help but not know what's the best thing to do. In my experience, the best thing you can do is to lend a listening ear. Cancer patients tend to go through a few psychological states upon learning of their cancer: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Just lending a listening ear can help your friend.

Apart from listening, there are some other things, which in my experience, can help:

(1) Food - When patients undergo cancer treatment, it often weakens them and they find difficulty doing normal everyday things like preparing meals, or going grocery shopping. They may appreciate help in running errands, and may even appreciate you helping them prepare meals. You should be aware however, that they may have difficulty eating solid foods. Chemotherapy may also affect their taste buds, so some normal foods may taste metallic or bitter to them. They may prefer foods which may strike you as odd, like oatmeal for lunch, or foods that they have never liked before.

(2) Transport - They may also have difficulty driving to the doctor's office. They may appreciate offers to drive them to and from the doctor's office.

(3) Doctor visits - They may find some doctor's visits to be stressful, because they need to go through various medical tests. Doctors may also have a lot of information to convey to them. When faced with a potentially terminal illness, many people have difficulty absorbing this information and understanding what's being said. They may appreciate you being along for the visit, both for company and to help them understand and remember what was said. Naturally, this is a very personal matter, and some people may prefer to go alone.

(4) Money - Cancer treatments are very expensive, and can be financially stressful if the patient is not insured. Financial help may be appreciated, though it can be touchy subject.

(5) Religious fellowship - Some patients gain a new enthusiasm for religion and want to get in touch with fellow believers. If you are of the same faith, you may be able to help your friend get back in touch with the religious community.



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Medical information for cancer I am not a medical professional; please consult your doctor for a medical opinion. This is my attempt to explain cancer to anyone who is affected by it. If this site helps just one person, then it will have served its purpose.


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